Commissioner for Productivity

Regulatory Policy in NSW

The NSW Government is committed to continuous improvement of its regulatory policy framework to support and enhance opportunities for improved productivity.

Regulation, if implemented effectively, can enable effective competition and support productivity growth, investment, and innovation. Whereas poor regulation can slow economic growth and increase the cost and time of doing business.

Effective regulation is the result of sound policy development and regulatory design processes. Those processes help the decision maker to be fully informed when considering regulatory proposals that are required, reasonable and responsive.

Guidance on Regulatory Policy in NSW

You can find a range of useful resources below to guide you through the requirements of the NSW Regulatory Policy Framework.

    1.  NSW Guide to Better Regulation

The Guide to Better Regulation assists agencies in meeting the Better Regulation requirements set out in Treasury Circular TC19-02. It clarifies what is expected in terms of good regulatory practice and details how to apply the seven Better Regulation principles when designing and developing regulatory proposals.

Supplementary documents for policy makers:

   2.  Subordinate Legislation Act NSW 1989

The Subordinate Legislation Act NSW 1989 requires the staged repeal of subordinate legislation after five years and sets out the requirements for Regulatory Impact Statements for new subordinate legislation.

   3.  Repository of NSW Regulatory Impact Assessments

The Repository holds links to published Regulatory Impact Statements and Better Regulation Statements across all NSW Government clusters since 2014.