New thinking on continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the ongoing process of developing and maintaining professional knowledge and skills. In NSW, around 500,000 workers are employed in professions subject to mandatory CPD. CPD can support service quality and safety and increase consumer confidence. If, however, mandatory requirements are not well-targeted or well-designed they may unnecessarily drive up prices for consumers.  

In its 2021 White Paper, the NSW Productivity Commission recommended that mandatory CPD requirements be reviewed and reformed where the costs outweigh the benefits.  

The New thinking on continuing professional development discussion paper is the first step towards implementation of the White Paper recommendation. It proposes a draft CPD framework to guide regulators to determine when mandatory CPD may be justified, and to ensure its design is efficient and effective. It also highlights the importance of CPD as a part of lifelong learning and seeks feedback on opportunities to better integrate initial education requirements and CPD requirements.

Submissions in response to the discussion paper closed on 28 February 2023. The feedback received will be used to inform a final report to be released in 2024.